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Gulmarg is the destination for Extreme winter sports. Gulmarg is situated in the Pirpanjal ranges of the great Himalayas. Gulmarg hosts thousands of adventure lovers every winter as well as in summers. Your journey starts from the place where you started thinking of this world class destination. Gulmarg is complete destination for your winter holidays, specially for skiers and snowboarders. We have different kind of slopes available here from beginning to extreme backcountry. Every year Gulmarg receives tons of powder snow and if compared to other countries Gulmarg has the longest season of snow which goes 100 days and above .

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Just like any other ski resort Gulmarg host very talented and well experienced guides. So why choose us among many? Well! GoSki Gulmarg have the best of the best ski/snowboard instructors. They are very well qualified in skiing/snowboarding as well as in the educational departments. Our guides are totally unique and unlike others, GoSki Gulmarg guides are trained by different associations of Gulmarg and different - different foreign agencies. A good instructor means best result , we guarantee best quality  services. Book now with us .>>

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Gulmarg is specially known for backountry skiing & Snowboarding. Majority of its off-piste terrains are uncontrolled area. Gulmarg is completely suitable for extreme skiers and snowboarders . GoSki Gulmarg is the book of gulmarg for you. GoSki Gulmarg have the best local and western guide support and our guides know the whole mountain as back of there hand. "Know before you go" every backcountry rider must remember this line.....

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GULMARG is the destination for Ski, Snowboard lovers. GoSkiGulmarg.com is complete Guide to book everything in Gulmarg .

WE want to promote winter sports in INDIA just like other sport like cricket and football.

SKIING is an international sport and GULMARG is an international ski resort.


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